General Questions

How do I customize a shoe?

You can customize the shoes by selecting “Custom Colors” on the product page and selecting which colors you would like on the shoes.

You can also select if whether you would want us to include elements such as ‘Freestyle’, ‘Glitter’, etc.

We’ve allowed you to be able to select custom shoe laces, from just a custom color or a pair of premium leather laces in a custom color.

If you have an example of what you want the shoe to look like, you can either upload an example or description by selecting “Yes” to the “Have A Custom Example or Description?” option. This allows you to describe if you want them to be camouflaged, designer inspired such as BAPE, Louis Vuitton, Off-White, etc.

If you want us to create a custom concept or example for you, we can do so. Just send us a message on our live chat feature here on our website and we can design one for you. Send us a message for more details.

How long will it take to get my shoes?

Orders typically take about 4-8 weeks to fulfill due to a queue of orders. We offer Rush Orders for an additional fee if you’re in need to have your shoes to you by a guaranteed date. This is available by clicking on the “Rush Order?” option on the product page and select which option fits you best.

What are your prices?

Our prices are displayed on each product that you select. For our custom shoes, our lowest price listed is the price to customize them. This price typically starts at $200. From there on, we offer additional add-ons, such as if you do not have the shoe already for us to customize, you can add it onto the order for the listed additional fee. This additional fee includes the cost of the shoe, plus other fees such as taxes, shipping & handling. Furthermore, we can also provide other additional options such as custom colors to be painted onto the shoe, custom or leather shoe laces, logos, and other specialty designs. All of this is given on the product pages that you select as you place your order with us.

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